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さんさんsunsun-kikakuは 日本の古布 帆前掛けや古半纏のビンテージ生地を使い、一点一点丁寧に手作業で作っています。日々の暮らしの中で日本の古布の柄のおもしろさ、素材の良さを感じていただきたいと思っています。その為、同じ材料が手に入らない限り、全て一点ものです。



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We use vintage Japanese cloths and materials with each item carefully curated and made by hand in Japan by an experienced fashion designer.

You can enjoy interesting and traditional patterns of vintage materials and cloths allowing you to literally carry a piece of Japanese history and culture with you every day.

All items are meticulously constructed with a diverse range of materials from across Japan ensuring originality and that each piece is uniquely yours.

We carefully source the highest quality vintage cloth and material as possible, but please understand that because of the aging process for cloth and certain traditional methods of production, there may be some iregularity, stains, small holes, discoloration, and sewing patterns visible.

It is listed as much details as possible, so we can not accept return it subjectively, such as it is different from your image.

Thank you for your understanding that at times some product which may appear available on the online page may have already been sold at our physical store and therefore no longer available for purchase.

Also during high season, due to high demand at the actual physical market event, our online shopping page may temporarily be unavailable. Please check back at a later date in this event.

Thank you for your understanding and support for a local business in Japan.

Please feel free to ask anytime by message on Instagram or Facebook message if you have any queries or questions.

We design various size and shape of bag to fit with your lifestyle, need and desires.

We offer a range of bags including large tote bags,medium-slim tote bags, shoulder tote bags, flame shoulder bags, sling bags, clutch bag and so on.

Also we offer Made in Japan hand made hats and caps with 3 different sizes.
S size (56cm)
M size (58cm)
L size (60cm)
◆Please understand that due to every item being unique and available only one each, it may already be sold out right after you purchase online (although we are trying to update/respond ASAP to your order.

◆We update our NEW products information and Shop event/Market schedule on our Facebook and Instagram pages at the links below.

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